Fix error “Caution: This hard disk may be infected by virus” and “Boot with floppy disk and repair it with sfdisk” by Smart Fdisk and Partition Magic tools in Hiren Boot

If you format or do something with your hard disk and after restart your computer then you meet these errors and can not boot even when you use Partition Magic to recreate or format partitions.

Please keep calm and follow steps below to fix.

Warning: Please make sure you backed up all data on your hard disk before perform. You can use Mini Windows in Hiren Boot to access your disk and copy all data to an external hard drive or USB drive.

Step 1: Boot your computer with Hiren Boot and enter Partition Tools then enter Smart FDISK 2.05

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Step 2: After Smart FDISK 2.05 loaded, please choose the correct hard drive partition which contain Windows installation files then click menu item Partition and choose Delete


Step 3: After delete the partition then click menu item Boot Manager and choose Uninstall Boot Manager


Step 4: Click menu item Partition and choose Save Changes to apply changes then choose Exit in Partition menu item to finish.


Next step boot with Hiren Boot and enter Partion Magic in Partition Tools list to recreate and active Primary partition then try to reinstall OS.