Nowadays, there is no sence using bulky CD/DVD while the world is switching to USBs. In this Tutorial i am gonna show you a simple method on How to Make Hiren’s Bootable USB.
Hiren’s Booable CD can be Life saving ToolKit for SysAdmins or Geeks, Hiren’s Bootable CD Offers many great solutions i will name few of them:

Download Required Files

To format and make USB Bootable I will be using Bootable USB making utility named Rufus.
I assume that you have a flash drive plugged in your computer and downloaded ISO File of Hiren’s Boot CD plus usb format utility, if you didn’t you can download from Below Links.
1- Hiren’s BootCD 15.2
2- Open Rufus — ( The Reliable USB Formatting Utility )

Warning ! Make sure you backed up all your important data from USB.


Open Rufus — ( The Reliable USB Formatting Utility ) and follow the screenshot instructions.
How to Make Hiren's Bootable USB
Format and Select ISO image option from drop down menu follow the screenshot.
Hiren's bootable USB
Select Downloaded ISO image of Hiren’s Boot CD.
How to create hiren bootable flash drive
Read the warning and backup your data if anything important in the flash drive.
Rufus with Hiren's bootable usb
Finally USB is is ready to launch Hiren’s Boot see the message says “Done” 🙂
How to Make Hiren's Bootable USB

Hiren’s Boot Screen

Hiren's booable CD

Watch video version of this post: